SSC launches environmental program awareness campaign in PLM

10 October 2010

Under the leadership of the Supreme Student Council, the Bukluran Students’ Alliance-Integrated Student Organization (BSA-ISO), in cooperation with college student councils and other societies, made its strongest statement of spreading awareness on the issue of global warming and climate change by creating a giant human 350 sign with the theme, “Isang Hakbang ng Pamantasan, Isang Bukluran Para sa Kalikasan.”

Around 85 PLMayers joined the 10-10-10 Global Work Party of which pooled together 183 nations around the world to host different activities in working towards the reduction of carbon dioxide in the environment. 350 parts per million, according to scientists and climate experts, is the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere. However, the Earth's current level is at 388ppm and rising at the rate of 2ppm every year. Global warming has become a real threat to the world and have caused disastrous and irreversible climate impacts, and may only be averted through a unified global effort.

In this worldwide event, the scholars of the University of the City of Manila are uniting with the rest of the world and are sending a strong signal that the future generations stand to suffer the dire consequences and repercussions of our current generation's audacity and temerity to abuse nature.

After the creation of the human 350 sign, invited resource speakers gave a short talk on the purpose and significance of the event in curbing environmental degradation. Former SSC president Noliver F. Barrido and former SSC secretary Carolina Mariazeta delivered an introduction to global warming and climate change, and a variety of ways and means on how to reduce personal contributions to the increasing level of carbon emissions. Garry Erwin de Gracia, ITC director and himself a pro-environment advocate, also shared his profound insights on his advocacy which is shared by the incumbent university officials.

Shortly after the lecture, the participants scribbled on commitment cards their simple personal contributions in the global efforts of solving the climate change crisis, among which are:
     1. Bringing own lunchbox instead of using styro
     2. Stopping cigarette/smoking
     3. Avoiding the use of CFC-based hairsprays
     4. Using bicycle or mass transit to save coal-based energies
     5. Planting more trees to absorb CO2
     6. Using recyclable materials
     7. Avoiding overcharging of mobile phones
     8. Saving fresh water and electricity
     9. Become more disciplined
     10. Participating in environmental projects

The human 350 activity is also in line with the Biological Society’s call for and proposal to make PLM a styro-free university. The organizers believe that PLM, as a “communiversity," aims to instill among its students the culure of social responsibility like caring for our Mother Nature. PLM is an institution, not merely for higher learning, but for a higher sense of purpose and moral values geared towards producing good citizens effecting social transformation.

The Supreme Student Council believes that in spearheading these efforts, it is significantly performing its social responsibility as an efficient and effective tool in achieving the goals and objectives of PLM.

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