PLM got 8th & 9th places in Nursing board

19 February 2011

Sustaining its legacy of excellence with 97.45% passing rate, PLM congratulates its 191 new nurses and its 2 placers in the December 2010 Nursing state board released Saturday, 19 Feb. The national passing rate is 35.24% only.

The two (2) placers are:
8th place: Dennis G. Duran, 85.60%
9th place: Christine Jannie P. Rivera, 85.40%

Amidst an unusual display of dominance by non-Manila schools this year, consistent top performer PLM broke the line by clinching 2 top slots (8th & 9th). Likewise, PLM is one of the only two perennial top performing schools that made it in this year's top performers, taking the 4th notch (100 or more examinees) and 5th place overall (all categories combined). Hence, PLM is the only consistent top performing school with topnotchers this year. With 191 passers out of 196 examinees, PLM got a passing rate of 97.45%.

Indeed, as acknowledged by the CHEd and concurred in by the Philippine Congress, PLM's excellence is "beyond reproach and a class by itself."

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