PLM approves Official PLM Seal

2014 January 23

The University Administration, in pursuit of its role to lead the PLM community to the right path, has issued an advisory on the Board's approval on the unified use of the Official PLM Seal.

Lawyer Carlos M. Carlos, university and board secretary of PLM, in a memorandum dated 22 January 2014, has circulated the poster signed by PLM president Artemio G. Tuquero. Said poster contained, among others, the Official PLM Seal with the following statement: "Henceforth, the above Official PLM Seal, formally approved by the Board of Regents for the unified use of the PLM community, shall represent the cohesive synergy among the PLM stakeholders in achieving high-impact strategies for the betterment of our youth."

Also circulated was the excerpt of Board resolution no. 3637 indicating the approval by the PLM Board of Regents of the recommendation of the University President.

The Official PLM Seal may be downloaded from the official institutional web pages of PLM.

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