PLM grad tops Nursing board anew in a back-to-back feat

26 January 2015

Elijah Legaspi, 21, continues the tradition of keeping the College of Nursing among the crown jewels of the capital city's premier university. Topping the November 2014 Nursing board, Legaspi rallied his 102 fellow alumni-scholars to keep PLM's long-standing stature as among the top performing Nursing schools nationwide. In the results released Friday, PLM is this year's second best Nursing school in the country.

With Legaspi's feat, PLM has produced topnotchers in two consecutive years. In the November 2013 Nursing board released in January 2014, Nikko Martel Dio led four other placers from PLM.

Legaspi acknowledges that his scholarship in PLM is the key to his success. "I am grateful to my beloved alma mater for giving me the privilege to be able to study at one of the country's prime Nursing schools," he said.

Asked what counsel he could give those who are following his footsteps, Legaspi said: "Believe in yourself and don't stop dreaming! Keep in mind that service to God and to our fellow men is the core of our calling and profession."

PLM president Ma. Leonora Vasquez-de Jesus said that PLM is more than proud for this feat. Giving more luster to Florence Nightingale's social reform agenda in the 19th century, she underscored that the City of Manila stands on a prime pedestal to lead the country in honing highly-competent health professionals and in providing health services among the citizens across the country.

The Nursing profession is one arena where the People's University has imprinted in a strong impact for decades. The first batch of Nursing graduates immediately produced a placer in 1972. PLM's first topnotchers emerged successively in 1974 and 1975, which was followed soon in 1977 and 1983. While a number of placers from PLM usually dominate the top slots year-in and year-out, a long hiatus for a topnotcher was broken in 2007.


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