EVP issues memo on deadline for submission of Grades

05 February 2015

To ensure a timely submission of grades at the end of the semester, PLM executive vice president Renato T. Oliveros has taken an extra mile in reminding the professoriate on the deadline for submission of grades for both the undergraduate and graduating students.

Below is the content of the memorandum dated 04 February 2015.

Date: 4 February 2015
To: PLM Academic Community
From: The Office of the Executive Vice President
RE: Compliance on Deadlines for Submission of Grades

For the Second (2nd) Semester, SY 2014-2015, you are all reminded that the deadlines for submission of grades are as follows:
1. For all graduating students: 25 March 2015
2. For all undergraduates: 1 April 2015

Teachers who fail to submit the grades on aforementioned deadlines will have their names posted in the PLM website to enable the PLM Student Council and students concerned to monitor and follow-up their grades from these teachers. Furthermore, Deans are reminded that part-time Teachers who fail to submit on time will not have their contracts renewed.

Be guided accordingly.

(Sgd.) Renato T. Oliveros
Executive Vice President


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