Early Announcement: Submission of ITRs by Manila Scholars

16 February 2015

Non-paying status will be retained if scholars maintain a 2.25 GWA.
ITR is required to help the Scholarship Committee take affirmative actions to intervene for those financially challenged, such as provisioning of food vouchers, bus tickets, and other benefits to support those who are needy and deserving.

To give premium to our identity as a Scholar’s University, we are committed to nurture the poor but brilliant scholars of Manila, beginning School Year 2015-2016, full scholarship will be granted only to those who deserve financial assistance. Discounted tuition fees will be applied depending on the financial need and capability.

Thus, all current PLM scholars are required to submit their parents' or guardians' 2013 Income Tax Return (ITR) to the Office of the EVP on or before 27 March 2015.

For strict compliance.​


Below are the lists, segregated per college, of the current non-paying Manilans:


PLM, founded for and dedicated to the education of the financially-challenged but talented youth of Manila, highlights in its latest policy directive our shared mission to serve the most marginalized.

Under current rules, Manilans who garner a scholastic status of Good Standing, regardless of their financial stature, is non-paying. Manilans who are not in Good Standing receive high (almost full) subsidies for their fees and, thus, pay minimal fees. Non-Manilans receive slightly lesser than the high subsidies accorded to Manilans who are not full-scholars.

Starting next school year, all Manilans remain to be scholars, with subsidies depending on their scholastic status and family's income or capacity to pay. Hence, a full (non-paying) scholar is a Manilan with a Good Standing status and fits the category set forth for the poor.
The above lists include those who are candidates for graduation. Those who will graduate by end of this term are no longer required to submit the same.


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