Golden Foundation Anniversary Message

2015 June 19

As PLM reaches its milestone Golden Foundation Anniversary today, we take another look at its noble purpose, humble beginnings and spirited growth through the years.

This day is also marked in our Nation's history by the birth of our National Hero, whose aptitude for learning and passion for education can only be matched by PLM's scholars.

On this day of double significance and in apt celebration of PLM's 50 years of academic excellence, a new statue of Jose Rizal shall rise right on the ground where he studied more than a century ago when the social environs were too constricting and unfavorable under the nails of invaders: To inspire those who have chosen to follow his footsteps to prove that education is the surefire way to liberating social progress.

Fortunate, we sure are, to witness this unveiling today at 11am right at the field where Rizal and other illumined ilustrados of his time have treaded for so long.

At this age of blazing dynamism, what commitment, then, would the so-called "ilustrados of our time" offer to the next generations to come?


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