PLM stands prominently in 2nd Psychometrician Board with 3 Placers

2015 August 12

PLM earned a solid feat in the July 2015 Psychometrician Licensure Examination released recently by the Professional Regulation Commission. Sharing the 5th place are PLM alumni Dianne Flores and Chzarleen Angelu Montecer who both garnered 83.20%, while Sherla Renaisa Laserna landed on the 8th place with 82.60%.

PLM's performance rating is 74.40% with 93 passers out of 125 takers, which is way higher than the national passing rate of only 46.15%.

Just at its infancy after debuting recently in October 2014, PLM then has demonstrated a significant performance as among the schools with high passing rates despite earning a modest figure of 58.82% with eighty-five (85) passers. The national rate was a low of only 39.31%.

Nearing for a kill, PLM this time launched an impressive feat aimed at setting a record high for the successive batches to emulate. PLM President Ma. Leonora V. de Jesus said that this trend of elevating the lofty status and distinction of the university will become commonplace as it veers towards the global inroads by transcending through the ASEAN front.

The Psychometrician licensure test is given to fresh graduates of the Psychology course without the required 10-year prior experience and a Master's degree that apply to the Psychologist licensure examination.


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