Find out the kind of intellectual products the PLM nurtures and develops as envisioned by our forebears and the great founders of our University. They are the jewels of the University as further honed up towards perfection by the excellence of education that the University has likewise refined and thereby epitomized through the years.

The "Student Communities" also features the various student organizations of the University which never ceased in preserving and uplifting the distinctive culture that is Pamantasan in nature, grandeur and upbringing -- a culture that is certainly imbued with the virtues of being a pantas in every facet, one that is full of wisdom and intellect, the desire to build instead of destroying, and the will to contribute to the shaping and rising up of the outstanding edifice that has gained the admiration and recognition of various entities locally and abroad.

The Pamantasan Scholars
In its bounden duty of educating the heart, the mind and the spirit of its students, the Pamantasan manifests very clearly and expresses very firmly that the University, as a caring communiversity, stands committed to its ministerial duty of nurturing and developing young and ethical professionals whose ideals are envisioned to contribute to nation-building and to the transformation of the city of Manila, steeped in God-centered and moral values, possessing a broadened intellectual perspective with an innovative and creative spirit, further refined by the characters of integrity and selflessness, and with the senses of solidarity and homogeneity to social responsibility and community-driven values that truly make a well-rounded humanity.

In the realization of a well-educated heart, mind and spirit, the Pamantasan epitomizes a culture of progressive character that builds up, nurtures and develops a profound human spirit. This is the culture that the Pamantasan seeks to imbibe to its students -- an educational pedagogy that is well-entrenched on the mettle of human fortitude with an innate desire to learn and grow with maturity, responsibility and character --> certainly a symbol of an innovative spirit that positively built up and arranged a world in shambles, a mark that made an extraordinary difference in an ordinary fashion, -- a shining icon of Pamantasan and of every positive force in the universe -- a paragon that every Pamantasan student proudly carries inside -- in his heart, mind and spirit.

The Pamantasan never ceases in nurturing and developing the life and the future of its students, as well as their character that certainly makes man human. It never falters on its commitment to provide a well-crafted road to achieving a successful professional and a successful human being. The Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila continues to imbibe positive values to hone up holistic leaders whose benchmark is the building up of strong communities of great purpose and noble existence.

This is the kind of students and professionals that the Pamantasan develops and produces conscientiously through these 48 years of flaming excellence. The University's rightful claim to excellence could only be completed if it can carry on with its academic tussle of creating and opening avenues for its students to foster decency and respect on top of the virtuosity of human intellect. The PLM encourages its community to build, not to destroy; to create, not to tear down what is commendable; to heartily encourage, not to selfishly criticize; to be thankful for what is sufficient instead of being ungrateful and egotistic.

The commitments of the mission-vision of the University are summed up in educating men and women who add value to the community as thoughtful and responsible citizens of a humane society. The PLM philosophy aims to promote the moral uplift and ethical enhancement of the PLM students. The University believes that if the whole humanity could only become like the PLM scholars, then we could proudly consider that this world is the best place to live in.