Microsoft Live@edu's Gadget Giveaways

Summer Gadget Giveaway
(Promo: 15 Feb to 30 July 2010)
1. While using your official PLM email, or its Skydrive, Spaces and Messenger, hover your mouse over the Time at the lower right corner of your monitor to show the date.
2. Press Ctrl+PrtScrn to capture the screenshot of your monitor.
3. Paste it on MS Word and save. Suggested filename: Live@edu entry <DATE>.
4. Send the file as an attachment to as an entry for weekly, monthly and quarterly raffles. Send one raffle entry per day for more chances of winning!
5. See poster below for more details.

Experience Live@edu this Holiday!
(Until 30 Dec 2009 only)
1. As part of the continuing Benefits Enhancement Program of PLM and in observance of the Holiday Seasons, Microsoft will randomly send an email to official email accounts everyday.
2. Any PLM scholar, faculty or staff who will reply to the emailed query within 24 hours will automatically win a STARBUCKS gift certificate worth P100.
3. Check out your PLM email everyday and you might be the next winner!

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