The Media section is the online community newspaper and the public current events broadcaster of the Pamantasan.

It features news articles and infobits under the News subsection chronicling the recent events that transpired in our dear University. Eventually, past items can be accessed through the News Archive.

Important Announcements, serving as news updates in snippets which may interest the PLM community, are publicly made available, i.e., new designations, landmark administrative orders, and new policies and programs that will aid the community to better pursue academic and service excellence, among others. This subsection will likewise feature important announcements that the academic community needs to know instantly.

The Events subsection will contain various information on the programmed activities spread throughout the current academic year, as well as the schedule and updates on the upcoming events within the PLM community, including past activities that transpired.

Selected articles and infobits from the various newsletters independently published by various colleges and other sectors within the University are likewise featured under the Newsletters subsection. These include, among others, the PLM Review and the PLM Journal which are research and scientific publications of the University. The exclusive webpage for the Ang Pamantasan paper-based publication can be accessed through the Student Publications section.

Be updated and become aware of the latest developments in the University which everyone could be truly proud of. Under the transformational leadership of our Top Management Team and with the enthusiasm of the PLM community to scale greater heights, more developmental programs and progressive innovations would be finely crafted and conscientiously implemented by the University.