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The Public Notices section is the central repository of public announcements, serving as the clear manifestation of the Top Management Team's high commitment to transparency and accountability.

As PLM gears towards institutionalizing good public governance in its operations as its primary advocacy, public announcements are published in a variety of publications and augmented in the official website. These public announcements include the notices of hiring, bidding notices, the annual procurement plan (APP), and the schedule of fees for highly-subsidized (minimal paying) scholars, professional students (law & medicine) and graduate school students.

As in any other organization, policies promulgated by the policy-making bodies and decision-making authorities are ought to be widely publicized and disseminated, including administrative orders.


Publicly available downloads of general interest are also available through this section.

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Confirmed 66 slots in the Medicine Freshmen Admission
The applicants are to personally report to the College of Medicine on or before 23 May 2014 from 8:00 am–4:00 pm only. Those who fail to confirm the slots by 23 May 2014 automatically forfeit the slot.
The slots of those included in the list of accepted to the PLM College of Medicine (posted last 13 May 2014) but FAILED to confirm their slots as of 19 May 2014 have been considered forfeited.

MCAT 2014 Results (for SY 2014-2015)
Accepted applicants need to confirm their slots personally at the PLM College of Medicine on or before 19 May 2014. Failure to confirm by the designated date automatically forfeits said slot. Instructions regarding the processing of documents and registration will be given during the confirmation.

PLMAT 2014 Results (for SY 2014-2015)
1st Batch (03 March 2014): »
2nd Batch
(09 May 2014): »
Pre-Enrollment Steps
: »

General Interest
PLM Anti Red Tape Citizen's Charter

Official CEP Media of PLM
Protocols governing the Official CEP's Social Media - Download
What is the Official CEP Media of PLM? »  
Storm Watch Advisory »
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University Health Services
University Health Services Orientation for Scholars
Handwashing - Technique to Keep Germs and Viruses Off

Office of the University Registrar
Request Form for School Credentials
Checklist of Requirements for Request for School Credentials
For questions on school credentials, pls. visit the FAQ section.

2012 PLMAT Primer - See more details on FAQ and PLMAT pages.
Rescheduling of the University Calendar due to Typhoon Ondoy:
Registrar's Memo :: Schedule of Revised Departmental Exam :: Revised Enrollment Schedule
2010 Summer Schedule (From registration to term-end)
SY 2010-2011 1st Semester Enrollment Schedule
SY 2010-2011 1st Sem Midterm Dept Exam Schedule
SY 2010-2011 2nd Sem Midterm Dept Exam Schedule
SY 2011-2012 1st Sem Enrollment Schedule
SY 2011-2012 1st Sem Final Dept Exam Schedule
SY 2012-2013 2nd Sem Enrollment Schedule

Human Resource Development Office
Statement of Duties and Responsibilities - Download
Performance Evaluation System Form - Download
  MC No. 2 re Revised Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth Form - Download
  MC No. 3 re Ammendment to the Review and Compliance Procedure in the Filing and Submission of   SALN and Disclosure of Business Interests and Financial Conditions - Download
  Sworn Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth Form - Download
  SALN 2012 Additional Sheets - Download
  Guidelines in Filling Out of the Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth Form - Download

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