Photojournal - May 2009

Administrative Staff Development Seminar 2009 - Day 1
07 May 2009, Sunrise Hotel, Tagaytay City

Enthusiastic staff wave their hands to the skies on a revelry of oneness and synergy just before the start of the opening program.

"Indakan 2009" dance mania: As an initial salvo of activities teeming with team/cooperative efforts, the various groups showcased a talent in dancing, each having its own "gimmick" or style in rendering the dance more interesting to catch the most raucous audience-impact and win the coveted prizes.

The Top Management Team (represented by EVP Maceda and USec Anenias), including Regent Miravalles, gamely joins in the activities slated by the ASDS Committee.

The ASDS Committee threw a surprise birthday greeting for EVP Maceda at the end of the program, complete with a chocolate cake from the EVP's staff. PLM employees sang a birthday song led by Regent Miravalles. EVP's age? Well, he looks younger than his actual age.

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