Photojournal - June 2009

18 June 2009, Service Awards 2009: The newly-formed PLM Choir, on its maiden/debut performance, croons the Service Awards 2009 at the Justo Albert Auditorium. This is another showcase of locally grown talents, a testament that the likes of Aicele Santos, a PLM alumna, really abound in PLM.

18 June 2009, Service Awards 2009: Final act of the dance rendition by select PLM employees in a very special number of "Jai Ho!" to the delight of the audience.

18 June 2009, Adel Tamano Leadership Forum (ATLF): Manila Mayor Lim confers with PLM President Tamano before the start of the ATLF which featured former Philippine President Ramos as the pioneering guest speaker.

18 June 2009, ATLF: His Excellency Fidel V. Ramos receives a gun salute from PLM ROTC Cadets as arrival honors for the former Commander-in-Chief of the Philippine Armed Forces. He was accompanied by PLM EVP Maceda.

18 June 2009, ATLF: Former Philippine President Ramos is received at the PLM Office of the President before the ATLF program for a short meeting with the PLM Board of Regents, officers of the PLM Alumni Association, Inc., and a few national luminaries, including former Health Secretary Dr. Alberto G. Romualdez.

18 June 2009, Service Awards 2009: Dr. Consuelo S. Blanco, 2nd PLM President, is conferred the PLM Luminary Achievement Award on the occasion of the 44th Foundation Day celebration.

18 June 2009, Service Awards 2009: 2009 Model Employee awardee Ms. Evelyn Magat (2nd from left) poses for posterity after receiving the highest awards. Flanking her are VPAA Virginia N. Santos, USec Marisol DL Anenias and EVP Ernesto P. Maceda, Jr.

18 June 2009, Eucharistic Celebration: Archbishop Paciano Basillo Aniceto, D.D. and Rev. Fr. Peter Edward Lavin, A.M. concelebrate at the University Activity Center as the opening activity for the 44th Foundation Day.

18 June 2009, Fashionista 2009: Pompous, lively, spectacular! Candidates and winners rave it all on stage as real-life fashion models in various categories, including the "environment-friendly suits and gowns made from recyclable materials."

18 June 2009, Shed Design Contest: The colleges don the various gazeebo sheds with designs unique to the culture of the respective colleges -- bringing out the ingenuity among the scholars.

18 June 2009, Bb. Pamantasan: Pre-pageant "parade of beauties" from various colleges within campus grounds with their escorts.

18 June 2009, University Convocation: The PLM Choir on formation at the University Activity Center.

18 June 2009, University Convocation: Alumni officers and representatives from the pioneer batches '67 and '68 pose with one of the then-future university presidents at PLM, Dr. Blanco.

18 June 2009, University Convocation: Batch '68 posterity shot after receiving a plaque from PLM.

18 June 2009, University Convocation: President Tamano greeted the faculty and staff of various PLM colleges and offices as his way of maintaining interpersonal fellowship with all key stakeholders.


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