Photojournal - September 2009

02-06 September 2009, 2nd Adel Tamano Leadership Forum and Cultural Exhibit on the Holy Qur'an (In the Mirror of Art): To achieve a higher level of understanding of the Islamic culture and arts, PLM invited Iran's Ambassador to the Philippines Ali Mojtaba Rouzbehani and his embassy's Cultural Affairs Group. Cultural exchanges like this help build harmonious co-existence between the two religious cultures and inspire inter-dependence in the effort at bringing lasting peace.

His Excellency, Ambassador Rouzbehani, addressing the audience.

A snapshot of the audience, including foreign guests and dignitaries.

Justice Rodolfo Pallatao hands over a certificate of appreciation to H.E. Ali Mojtaba Rouzbehani for serving as guest lecturer for the 2nd Adel Tamano Leadership Forum and for bringing the culture and arts of our Muslim brethren closer to the hearts of Manileños.

The entrance to the makeshift museum inside the University Activity Center.

A few of the prized art and cultural artifacts of the Muslim world on display at the makeshift museum.

H.E. Ambassador Rouzbehani of Iran joins PLM scholars in viewing the various literary works.

PLM scholars, guests, and foreign dignitaries flock into the makeshift museum and are being walked-through by the curator, apprising them of the significance of the artifacts.

Foreign dignitaries from Islamic states meet with President Tamano after exchanging pleasantries with the PLM community.

After the PLM community viewed the Islamic items, it is the turn of the Muslim dignitaries to view the "symbols of the landmark achievements and contributions to quality education of the founders, faculty, staff, students and alumni of the University."

Ang Pamantasan staffers interview Iran's ambassador to the Philippines after his talk in the Justo Albert Auditorium.

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