Photojournal - September 2009

02 September 2009, Blessing and Inauguration of the new GL Elevator: Never in 44 years of PLM's existence had thousands of scholars ever tasted the convenience of an elevator in a building of imposing height in the skyline of Intramuros. Countless scholars, professors, staff and guests have treaded the extremely steep and narrow emergency stairs of Gusaling Lacson in the last four (4) decades. Starting September 2009, the main medium of vertical transport of GL, as originally planned some two (2) scores ago, was inaugurated into service, led by the PLM's transformational leader himself who brought overwhelming innovations in PLM, President Adel Tamano.

President Tamano spoke of the "Story of an Elevator" in PLM -- a basic infrastructure in GL that was neglected through time; a basic need of scholars, faculty and staff in a mid-rise tower designed at the onset with an elevator; a basic clamor of the PLM constituency left unheard through the years.

PLM Board of Regents chairman Justice Justo Torres reads the dedication of the elevator to the service of the public that the PLM serves. Rev. Fr. Dave Clay leads the benediction for the glory of the Almighty. Justice Pallatao delivers an inspirational message on behalf of Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim. President Tamano unveils the marker that expresses the unbending commitment of his Transformational Leadership to the delivery of public services that have the finest bearing to the common good and welfare of the whole PLM community.

University officials, faculty, staff, scholars and guests participate in the blessing and dedication of the new elevator (top and center). They

President Tamano cheerfully guides and tours guests and university officials, scholars and other stakeholders in the PLM community.

President Tamano in a cordial talk with Justice Pallatao (right) as Justice Torres speaks with Fr. Clay (hidden).

The PLM Student Choral Society of PCAC gave a special performance of Filipino inspirational songs at the end of the ceremonies. President Tamano obliged to the special request of the group for a special souvenir picture.

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