Photojournal - December 2009

16 December 2009, Earthquake and Fire Drill: PLM conducts another set of drills to keep the PLM community prepared in any event of disaster. Conducted twice a year, the latest was on 14 July 2009, pursuant to Manila City Ordinance No. 7753 and Pamantasan AO No. 2007-31, the PDSPO supervised the drill starting 10am.

Fire trucks and fire men from the Intramuros Administration participate in the fire drill to exact a near-disaster-event simulation.

Fire men bombard the Gusaling Katipunan with water canon to put off an imaginary fire outrage.

A snapshot of the Search and Rescue Team members in action, transporting an injured model to safety for first-aid application by the members of the First Aid Team.

Emergency Marshall Engr. Rolando Marasigan, PDSPO Chief, is seen orchestrating and supervising the operations of emergency events to ensure that disaster situations are best managed.

Participants from the ranks of scholars, faculty and staff watch the entire operations so that they may be oriented of what an actual disaster event may look like and become prepared in any event such emergency situations suddenly emanate.

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