Photojournal - January 2010

18 January 2010, ICT Literacy Program (Master Teachers Training): The IT Center has presented a training program in cooperation with an institutional partner through the Microsoft's Live@edu program. Taking off from an earlier ICT literacy training session for university officials in 26 November 2009, courtesy of another institutional partner (SMART Philippines), this serves as the second session that included university officials (directors, deans and heads of offices), but the first to involve regular faculty members and key staff in a half-day, 2-session full training with a total of 53 participants.

The Master Teachers Training aims to familiarize the key faculty partners identified by the various colleges on the features and use of the power-packed Microsoft Live@edu services that enable and support an enriching online education program that has since been the trend in the industrialized countries. These key faculty partners then serve as the lead figures in pioneering an online educational paradigm and content delivery mechanism in PLM.

This program aimed to engage the key frontliners in delivering quality education -- the faculty members.

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