Top Management
Former VPAs
  • Mr. Carmelo B. dela Cruz
  • Elias C. Juson, Jr.
  • Ms. Elsa M. Martinez
  • Prof. Ranjit S. Rye
  • Major Gen. Marlou B. Salazar
  • Engr. Marita S. Barrientos
  • Mr. Danilo A. Baluyot
  • Mrs. Angelita G. Solis
  • Atty. Fe P. Sumilong
  • Atty. Edelita F. Reyes
  • Mrs. Luningning C. Lorenzo
Former Vice President for Administration

Ms. Elsa M. Martinez
Acting Vice President for Administration
OIC-Assistant Vice President assigned at the OVPA
University Facilities & Gymnasium Manager (15 April 2014 to )
OIC-Vice President for Administration (30 July 2013 to 15 April 2014)

Rising from the ranks and a long-time executive assistant in the office of the Vice President for Administration, Ms. Martinez came in with a solid experience in the administrative affairs of the University. Armed with a master's degree in Government Management under the Executive Special Program of PLM in 2006, and a bachelor of science degree in Commerce (major in Accounting) in 1981, she brings with her a rich credential as a qualified next-in-rank designee as officer-in-charge of the OVPA.

Incidentally hired by PLM to serve at the OVPA on 02 November 1981 right after her graduation from college, her designation to head that office -- one that has been her home since starting to serve the public -- comes full circle. Indeed, that opportunity came as no surprise at all since she has served her University well with full dedication and devotion to duty.

Prior to her designation as OIC-Vice President for Administration, she has co-chaired the PLM administrative staff development seminar for successive years. She has likewise involved herself with enriching the multi-purpose credit cooperative of PLM employees.

As OIC-VPA, she chairs the personnel selection board for personnel matters governing the offices under the OVPA , as well as the committee on revenue generation that is charged with engendering the goodwill of the public through productive endeavors.

On 15 April 2014, upon the assumption of a new permanent appointee to the vice president for administration position, she was designated as the University Facilities & Gymnasium Manager.