42nd (2010) Commencement Exercises

Last 16 April 2010, after hurdling in victory 4 or 5 years of their life in the mettle of academic learning, a total of 2,154 graduates marched through a new horizon in their life. They brought with them not merely a prime academic preparation and a cutting-edge competence in their respective disciplines. More importantly, they are honed up or deeply ingrained with the most fitting professional and ethical values that are envisioned to set them apart from others in their fields and bring them to places where their hearts truly belong.

15 April 2010, Thursday, 5pm, UAC; Best Sunday dress
Ecumenical Presentation
Candle Lighting Ceremony
Celebrants: Born-again Christian, Iglesia ni Cristo, Islam, Roman Catholic and Mormons
Note: Final briefing for the graduating students ensues immediately after the celebration. Entrance tickets for parents to the graduation ceremonies will be distributed by the respective Department Chairpersons during the orientation. Each graduand will be given 2 guest tickets.

16 April 2010, Friday, The PICC Forum, Pasay City; Academic gown over the best Sunday dress
Afternoon Session: CHD, CS, CMC, CN, CPT, CM, GSASE, GSHS, GSASE, EC, CL, GSE, GSM
Theme: "Leaders for Change: The Pursuit of an Empowered Nation"

Reminders and plans in PDF format may be downloaded from the Information Board at the left pane.
The PICC Forum is divided into Forums 1, 2 and 3.
Forum 2
is the graduation floor area, while Forums 1 & 3 are the guests areas.
Forum 2 is divided into Left Wing and Right Wing (further divided into Inner and Outer):
         Left Wing-Inner, Left Wing-Outer, Right Wing-Inner, Right Wing-Outer

Your series/chronology number in big, bold font can be seen under the List of Graduates. This corresponds to the seat number under the Seat Plan.
The Assembly Plan shows the placement of graduates in 4 rows at the Bridgeway before marching.
The Seat Plan also shows the entry point towards Forum 2, including the processional flow inside Forum 2 towards your seats. It also shows the march flow towards the stage in claiming the diplomae.
Area assignment of each college/graduate school is color-coded for easy recognition.

Assembly & Academic March/Procession
Starting 6:30am (AM session) and 11:30am (PM session), graduands will assemble immediately upon arrival at the Bridgeway in front of Forum 2. Following the Assembly Plan, signages will also guide them of their placement on a per college basis.
At the instance of the Marshall (at around 7:30am & 12:30pm), the graduands will enter the graduation hall (Forum 2) simultaneously in 4 lines. Upon reaching the designated seats, pls. remain standing until the singing of the National Anthem is finished, or until prompted by the emcee.

Emergency Situations
Doctors and nurses will be stationed at Forums 1 & 3. Medicines and other emergency implements like wheelchair will be available.

Other Reminders
Cameras and videocams are strictly prohibited inside the PICC Forum. Official professional photographers (LITRATISTA) will take shots of your precious graduation moments.
Children below 7 years old are not allowed within the PICC premises.
Appropriate attire shall be required for entry in PICC. No slippers, undershirt and short pants.
Eating, smoking and littering are prohibited during the proceedings.
Cellphones and two-way radios must be switched-off so as not to interfere with the sound system.
Pls. return your togas accordingly and claim your refund.

To our successful graduates:
Carry the name and colors of our dear University with dignity, pride and honor. You are now our ambassadors of goodwill to the whole world. Like others before you, do not falter in taking good care of our University's reputable name, the prestige of which is like a gem that makes all Pamantasan graduates a precious entity in every nook and corner of the world. At all times, make your alma mater proud!