Former Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Neri S. Pescadera
On 12 July 2011, Dr. Neri S. Pescadera, dean of the Graduate School of Management, was designated as officer-in-charge of the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, on a concurrent capacity, vice Dr. Virginia N. Santos who retired at the close of office hours of 11 July 2011. He served up to the close of office hours of 23 March 2013 and turned over the reins of his office to the newly-appointed VPAA on 25 March 2013.

Dr. Pescadera chaired the Faculty Selection Board (FSB) which screens the applicants for teaching positions. He reported administratively to the Executive Vice President (EVP), just like the other two vice presidents, as well as the directors of specialized presidential centers who used to be directly reporting to the President, and four (4) other system-wide officers.