Secretary to the Board of Regents

The Board of Regents shall have its Secretary who likewise serves as the Secretary of the University. He shall be present in the proceedings of the Board and shall maintain and keep the records of such proceedings including its regular, special and committee meetings. He shall prepare the documents for the consideration and deliberation of the Board and the preparation of the items of agenda upon the recommendation of the University President, and shall cause the dissemination of such approved resolutions to the concerned parties for proper implementation. He keeps custody of the corporate seal of the University and shall affix it on diplomas, certificates, titles or degrees conferred by the University, as well as in all documents where such seal is required to be affixed.

Incumbent Board Secretary

Atty. Carlo Florendo C. Castro

Past Board Secretaries

Atty. Jose F. Sugay
The first secretary to the Board and the first male appointee to the position, he was a fine selection to serve the needs of the Board during the University's birthing years as a lawyer by profession. On loan from his main work in the city government of Manila as secretary to the Mayor, as some other university officials then, he focused solely on the herculean task of putting the Board's early fiats and edicts into proper order, as well as on organizing a competent support staff to the needs of the Board.

Atty. Ambrocio R. Blanco

Also a member of the Philippine Bar, Atty. Blanco was very instrumental in assisting the administration of Dr. Consuelo S. Blanco. The tandem forged by blood relation aided the President to institute policy reforms in an otherwise bleak time when the University was plagued by an impending closure due to inadequacy of funds that was successfully averted. The Board secretary's post was historically held by male appointees since its inception, and the tradition was carried on by him. He became the last male appointee to the post, though, when he was brought by Dr. Blanco with her after her election as the first president of a new state university in Ilocos Norte.

Atty. Edelita F. Reyes

The longest serving Board secretary, vice president for administration, and legal officer of the University, Atty. Reyes was an icon of unbending commitment to duty and loyalty to public service. With a career spanning 40 years of public service, she spent half of her professional life in PLM, guiding and serving the University through its formative years with all her strength and wisdom both as a professional and as a mother to all. Serving three (3) successive university presidents, her service in the Board remains unmatched by anyone. Indeed, she has proven beyond doubt Sir Francis Bacon's principle that "By far, the best proof is experience."

While serving in the city government of Manila which she served for twenty-one (21) years, she was re-assigned to PLM on 01 Oct 1978 which began her new career path and her long romance with the University. She was a legal researcher and senior attorney at the office of the City Legal Officer, and later promoted as its administrative officer (and designated concurrently as acting administrator of the Ospital ng Maynila and as acting chief of the Administrative Services) before her transfer to PLM. With a sterling career and experience in tow, she initially served as Acting Secretary of the University, and Acting Secretary to the Board, and later was appointed as "Secretary of the University and of the Board," thereby becoming the first lady Board secretary of PLM.

She was one powerful lady who became a close administrative ally of the Presidents she served. Young as the PLM was and bearing the usual plague of lack of funds in new organizations, in an unprecedented departure from the mere confinements of her functions as secretary to the Board, she became an important figure in the actual administration of the University by way of designation to concurrent posts at various times, as a means to effect frugality and economy, thus, saving the University enormous funds. Such posts include, among others, chair of the President's Committee on Arts & Culture, chief university legal officer, dean of student affairs, and later as vice president for administration, thus conferring upon her top administrative roles in her capacity as a lawyer. After 12 years of serving as Board secretary, she was promoted to the post of vice president for administration (VPA), a post also traditionally held by lawyers or sometimes by high-caliber professional management experts. As VPA and in the absence then of the post of executive vice president, she was occasionally designated, pursuant to Art. 52 of the University Code, as officer-in-charge of the University whenever the President is on temporary leave, absent or incapacitated.

Owing to her extensive knowledge of the affairs of the University, she was hired in 2000 as presidential consultant until 2007. She remains to be a special lecturer under the distance learning programs of the Graduate School of Management and the College of Management & Entrepreneurship.

Her academic preparation includes:
Master in Public Administration, University of the Philippines, 1977, Top Manila government scholar
Certificate in Government Management, University of the Philippines, 1977, Top Manila gov't scholar
Bachelor of Laws, Far Eastern University, 1965, Full Scholar
Bachelor of Arts in Social Work, University of the Philippines, 1957, U.P. Scholar
Consistent honor student (valedictorian) and U.P. scholar

Atty. Fe P. Sumilong

Rising up from various posts of responsibility, she ascended to the post shortly upon the retirement of Atty. Reyes in 1997. Prior to her designation as "Board Secretary and concurrently as Secretary of the University" on 02 May 1997, she was a long-time dean of the then-College of Business & Public Administration and its precursor College of Business Administration, the then-Office of Student Affairs, and the then-Graduate School of Government; OIC-dean and college secretary of the College of Law; and chair of important university-wide committees. While still in the academic service of PLM, she rose gradually from assistant professor to professor III.

Before joining PLM, Atty. Sumilong held various positions in the industry (ranging from management specialist to finance manager and administrative officer) and as legal researcher in the University of the Philippines' Local Government Center where she authored essential legal instruments for the Philippine Congress and the Constitutional Reform Commission.

Also a lawyer by profession and a long-time administrator, she was promoted after 2 years as vice president for administration on 05 Mar 1999 and was designated concurrently as secretary of the University and of the Board of Regents, in the slight fashion of her predecessor (yet the beginning of a departure from the old practice of issuing several concurrent designations), thus giving her the elbow room to become an able assistant in the implementation of the plans of the new University President. Her designation as Board secretary and subsequent promotion as VPA were regarded as a recognition of her long years of competent service in the University as another homegrown talent teeming with extensive experience; thus, giving life to Albert Einstein's philosophy that "The only source of knowledge is experience."

Even while already serving as VPA and concurrent Board secretary, Atty. Sumilong was occasionally designated as OIC-dean of the College of Law in the exigency of the service as in earlier years. She also briefly served as OIC-chief of the Administrative Office until her successor has been appointed.

Ms. Justina A. Bontuyan

Mrs. Bontuyan is another homegrown talent as a long-time human resource development chief (HRM Officer V) and a seasoned presidential executive secretary at the Office of the University President, spawning more than two (2) decades of public service in PLM before her designation in October 2001 as Secretary of the University and of the Board of Regents, and concurrently as chief of HRD Office which she retained as HRM Officer V. Upon her permanent promotion to Board Secretary VI on 04 Dec 2001, she was concurrently designated as chief of the HRD Office.

In an arena that is dominated by the tradition of membership to the Bar as a classical and unbroken factor in the selection of Board secretaries, her selection was a clear testament that seniority of position and a solid track record are indispensable in the competent management of the affairs of the Board. She brought with her long years of actual experience in public service, and an extensive knowledge of the operations of the highest executive offices in the University, -- virtues that would well-compensate for, if not surpass, the Bar membership. Thus, armed with her decades-long of actual public service experience, she broke in PLM the worldwide corporate practice and stereo-type tradition that the Board secretary's post is an exclusive domain or battleground for practicing lawyers. Indeed, she is an epitome of the classic adages that say: "Experience is the best teacher" and "There is no substitute for experience."

Upon her promotion from HRM Officer V into Board Secretary VI, she was designated concurrently as chief of the HRD Office, a designation she continuously held since 1989 as the chief personnel officer. Based on her long and actual experience both as a public servant and management professional, she had been a well sought-after special lecturer in off-campus programs of the University, as well as a perennial head or member of important university-wide committees.

Her educational attainment includes:
Doctor in Public Administration (30 units), Greenville College
Master in Government Management, PLM, 1995
Master in Business Administration, PLM
Bachelor of Arts major in Sociology, University of Santo Tomas, 1963, Dean's Lister

Atty. Marites A. Barrios-Taran
Atty. Taran served the Board twice, initially as a successor to Atty. Sumilong on 21 Dec 1999 and later on 16 Jun 2006 to Mrs. Mauricio (who was OIC in lieu of Mrs. Bontuyan who was on-leave for the US). She was the first PLM alumna, both in the undergraduate and the law schools, to clinch the designation. Initially serving as University legal counsel (Legal Officer V) since 01 Jan 1997 in lieu of Atty. Reyes who was until then designated concurrently, she was temporarily designated as Secretary of the University and of the Board of Regents on a concurrent capacity starting 21 Dec 1999 by the then-Acting President in lieu of Atty. Sumilong. Upon the request of the city government of Manila, she was re-assigned in October 2001 to the City Legal Office where she originally served before her transfer to PLM in 1997, and was consequently relieved of her designations in the University. After about 6 years, Dr. Tayabas recalled her to service in PLM as University legal counsel on 16 Jun 2006, upon his second comeback, where she was again designated in a concurrent capacity as Secretary of the University and of the Board of Regents on the same day. She succeeded to the permanent post of Board Secretary VI upon the retirement of Mrs. Bontuyan on 01 Feb 2007. She requested to be relieved of her function upon the retirement of Dr. Tayabas.

Atty. Taran started her public career shortly before passing in 1995 the 1994 Bar exams. On 15 Dec 1994, as an under-bar and a CPA, she was appointed as Accountant II and a few days later (02 Jan 1995) as Local Revenue Collection Officer II at the City Treasurer's Office, and was detailed at the Office of the City Legal Officer. Half-a-year later (26 Jun 1995) and shortly after passing the Bar, she was promoted to Legal Officer III at the Office of the City Legal Officer. A year-and-a-half later (01 Jan 1997), she transferred (with promotion) to PLM as Legal Officer V.

Before her public stint and while attending the law school, she served brief private employments as internal auditor/bookkeeper, accountant and law office manager.

Her educational attainment includes:
Master of Laws, PLM
Bachelor of Laws (Passed the Bar in 1995), PLM, 1994
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (PRC-licensed CPA, 1989), PLM, 1989

Atty. Marisol DL Anenias

Atty. Anenias was appointed by the Board of Regents on 14 August 2007 by virtue of BOR Resolution No. 2952 upon the recommendation of the newly-elected University President. Before her appointment by the Board as University Secretary II, she was serving as college secretary of the College of Law. She is currently the associate dean of the same college after deciding to focus on her functions in the said college.

Atty. Anenias was imported in 2007 by the then-newly elected President as a leading figure in his Top Management Team (TMT). In an unprecedented special yet temporary management arrangement, instead of merely being confined to her functions as Secretary to the Board, she was also charged with helping to architect the grand plan to turn around PLM into another era of success story. This she delivered with utmost passion and high performance. With PLM's financial strength firmly entrenched, her short stint was to put an end to the old practice of giving concurrent designations upon the Board secretary; Save for one, this was regarded as a positive step further towards the restoration of the Board secretary's functions to regular state of affairs.

Also a lawyer by profession like almost all her predecessors, Atty. Anenias brought to PLM her long years of solid external experience fit for the post. She was a supervising legal staff officer II at the Office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives in late 2000, in-charged of supervising the formulation of legislative items in the National Legislature. In December 2000, she was promoted to the post of Head Executive Assistant to the House Speaker, managing the Speaker's overall official and legislative directions. The following year, she served as the Deputy Center Director for Manila of the People Power Coalition. She was a junior associate lawyer at the Quasha, Ancheta, Peña and Nolasco Law Offices before joining the Maceda and Maceda Law Offices as senior partner, focusing on family and corporation law. She is also the managing director of Eastern Consulting, Inc.

Her educational attainment includes:
Master in Business Management, Ateneo de Manila University
Juris Doctor, Ateneo de Manila University, 2000, Second Honors
Bachelor of Arts major in Philosophy, University of the Philippines, 1995, Scholar

Her affiliations include:
Member, Federacion Internacional de Abogadas
Member, Integrated Bar of the Philippines
Member, Federation of Philippine Photographers

Ms. Rizalina M. Mauricio
OIC-UBSec: 01 July 2009 to 28 August 2009 (latest)

Dr. Anchela Y. Uy-Biag
OIC-UBSec: 28 August 2009 to 20 December 2009 (Assistant Professor I)
UBSec: 21 December 2009 to 28 July 2013

Atty. Carlos M. Carlos »
UBSec: 29 July 2013 to
A legal practitioner, professor of business law and a long-time public servant, Atty. Carlos M. Carlos served as University and Board Secretary, and concurrently as the University Legal Counsel.

Atty. Raphael Kenneth Ybañez

Atty. Vitto A. Kintanar

Atty. Rufino V. Abuda

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