Former Secretary of the University and of the Board of Regents

Atty. Rafaelito GarayblasRIZALINA M. MAURICIO, MBA, MA
OIC-UBSec: 2009 July 01 to 2009 August 28 (latest)

Mrs. Mauricio was a senior executive assistant at the Office of the University and Board Secretary who has served as OIC-University/Board Secretary on various occasions, with regential commendations, while concurrently serving as a long-time presidential chief of staff and a seasoned chief presidential executive assistant. Another homegrown talent tested by time and honed by leading-edge functions and critical responsibilities that are executive in nature, she rose from the ranks starting as a presidential secretary and was gradually promoted to various posts over three (3) decades until she reached her current appointment. She currently holds a position that is slightly higher than the level of a head of an office.

Intelligent, experienced and deeply steeped in top-executive functions, Mrs. Mauricio is soft spoken as a natural charmer yet firm as a platinum lady -- necessary virtues for the high-level position and critical functions that she holds as a high-level personnel of the University. She is likewise a part-time senior special lecturer in the University's off-campus programs.

Ms. Mauricio's latest designation by the University President as OIC-University and Board secretary was made effective on 2009 July 01 pursuant to the instructions of the Board of Regents on its 2009 June 26 regular meeting. As with Atty. Reyes, she also had the privilege of serving three (3) different university presidents in the course of her long service in the Board. With PLM having already matured from being financially-strapped many decades back into a fiscally-independent and strong corporation, there was no longer any concurrent designation being consigned for the Board or university secretary.

Her academic preparation includes:
Doctor in Public Administration (30 units), Greenville College
Master of Arts in Special Education specializing in Communication Disorder, PLM, 2007
Certificate in Teaching (PRC-licensed professional teacher), PLV, 2007
Master in Business Administration, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, 1996
Bachelor in Business Management, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, 1989
Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, 1981

She was relieved from her latest designation upon the assumption of her successor, Dr. Anchela Y. Uy-Biag, University Secretary I.