The University Canteen

canteen The PLM Canteen, supervised by the PLM Cooperative, offers a wide variety of food and other needs from Monday to Saturday on a self-service basis.

Clean, vibrant and fully air-conditioned, it features a well-appointed lounging area for faculty, employees and guests that is conducive for community interaction between and among members of the community. The lounging area is equipped with a purified water dispenser and two modern lavatories with soap dispensers for sanitation and grooming.

A separate area for scholars with high tables and chairs for cocktail-like dining experience is set with a state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment with big LCD screens. A centralized air-conditioning system makes the University Canteen a haven for the physically tormented and gastronomically craving scholars.

With a wide variety of nutritious foods to choose from, even the budget-tight scholars can now afford to dine in this first-class canteen because the prices were capped with a ceiling.

GV University Canteen: Dining area for scholarsGV University Canteen: One of the main diners