The University Internet Services

internetThe Library Internet Services (LIS)
The University Internet Services, which is housed at the University Library, provides the students, as well as faculty members and administrative personnel, with free access to information through internet services.

A brainchild of President Tamano, he seeks to provide the PLM community with various necessary services that were not available upon his assumption.

Campus-wide Internet Services
With the implementation of the Integrated Communications System (ICS), a converged technology, PLM has enabled to convert the entire campus into a Wi-Fi hotspot. This enables the students who have their own Wi-Fi-enabled laptops and gadgets to gain access to the Internet at their convenience by means of logging-in into the system.

Email Services
All scholars, faculty members and administrative staff are provided with their formal-looking and corporate-sounding official PLM email addresses <> which is the passkey to the gateway of digital services in the University. This power-packed academic service is made available through a strong institutional linkage with the biggest multinational software company, Microsoft. It is a suite of applications including e-mail, online storage, and online collaboration -- mobile, desktop and web-based -- to help scholars best work together on campus or even beyond the borders of PLM.

Internet Log-in Credentials
This official
PLM email address becomes your username for free Internet in the campus. By sending an email to <>, a scholar or faculty member may ask for an Internet access account. The ITC will reply to provide you your password.

Just follow these simple steps:
1. Using your official PLM email, send an email to <>*.
    Put this simple survey question as a body of your email:
    Purpose: <Put your purpose of using the Internet. Ex: For research and thesis>
    As an academic institution, do you find this as an important or essential service in PLM? <Yes/No>
2. Once you receive your username and password, open a browser and fill those in when prompted.
3. Enjoy your free Internet access inside PLM!

1) The Library Internet Services workstations do not need your log-in credentials anymore.
2) *Pls. proceed to the LIS to send your email, or use a temporary free Internet account.