At the vanguard of intellectual formation as the bastion of academic excellence are the various colleges of the University. They ensure that the shining beacon of excellence of and quality learning in the "premier scholars' university of the capital city of the Republic." The dynamism to guarantee the utmost relevance and sustainability of its programs is the core value of each academic institution of the Pamantasan as its means of maintaining its luster of its excellence.

Starting from a University College on 17 July 1967 and a Graduate Institute for Teachers on 19 May 1968, the University has grown and matured into nine (9) undergraduate colleges, two (2) professional schools, graduate schools, an integrated child learning system, and a score of off-campus programs, all of which are under the supervision of the Executive Vice-President who is assisted by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

  • College of Accountancy
  • College of Architecture and Urban Planning
  • College of Business and Management
  • College of Education
  • College of Engineering and Technology
  • College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
  • College of Nursing
  • College of Physical Therapy
  • College of Science


The College Officers

The College Dean
Each college is headed by a dean who hails from the roster of the faculty. He acts as the chief academic and administrative officer of the unit, who has overall supervision over all matters pertaining to the college that affect its faculty and scholars. The Dean of the college is expected to create the environment in the college that is conducive to optimum learning and to set the tone of leadership in creating the character or culture unique to the college. In few cases and depending on the need of the college, the Dean is assisted by an Assistant Dean or an Associate Dean.

The College Secretary and the College Staff
The Dean of the college is assisted by the College Secretary and his staff. The college secretary is chosen from the ranks of the faculty whose term is co-terminus with that of the Dean. He is responsible for records management of the college and takes charge of the preparation of academic and administrative reports. He handles the communications to and from the college.

The college secretary supervises the clerks who compose the staff of the college. The staff members provide efficient and effective support services to the scholars and the faculty members of the college. They are likewise responsible for keeping and maintaining all the records of the college.

The Department Chairpersons
The dean of the college is assisted by the chairman of each department of the college who is chosen and designated from the faculty members of the concerned department whose term is likewise co-terminus with the dean. Basically endowed with an administrative function over the department, he assists the dean on academic matters pertaining to his department and in the implementation of university and college policies and guidelines, as well as in recommending changes thereon. He shall be responsible for the organization, administration, and the conduct of his department as well as for the supervision of the faculty members under his department.

The Faculty Members
The members of the faculty form the basic foundation on which the proper honing and development of the scholars' talents and intellect are anchored and attributed. These dedicated mentors, who double as public servants, provide the needed competencies that are learned by the scholars. They train the scholars the rudiments of life and social commitment, and specifically on how to be competitive in the corporate world or in the industry which the scholars would eventually be joining. They teach the scholars with moral and professional values as a way of forming a well-trained corps of ethical professionals and leaders whose human values are deeply inscribed in their hearts.