College of Accountancy & Economics

The College of Accountancy and Economics (CAE) was established in the year 2003 which was originally subsumed under the College of Business and Public Administration (CBPA).

Currently, the college is divided into two (2) Departments, the Department of Accountancy (DA) and the Department of Economics (DE).

As in the case of the other colleges in the university, CAE is headed by the dean of the college. To realize the academic, logistical, and administrative requirement of the college, the dean is supported by the college secretary and department chairpersons of both DA and DE. The faculty line-up consists
of 18 full-time faculty members and 18 part-time faculty members. There are also 2 administrative staff supporting the college.

In line with our university's vision, mission and objectives, we, at the College of Accountancy and Economics, aspire to be a top notch school of accountancy & economics.

In pursuit of our vision, we commit ourselves to be the leading Center for Academic Excellence in the fields of accountancy, internal audit and economics by producing responsible citizens, dynamic leaders, and competitive professionals.

Guided by the college's vision and mission, we commit ourselves to:
• Perpetually align the accountancy and economics curricular programs responsive to the changing demands of commerce, industry, and the global economy.
• Instill in every student academic excellence, value ethics, professionalism, and social responsibility to be better individuals and reliable citizens.
• Enhance faculty professional competencies and strengthen work ethics and values through continuous faculty development programs that will contribute to the efficient and effective delivery of instruction in the college.
• Engage in continuous research and other related activities for the development of required skills and capabilities of the faculty and students.
• Strengthen linkages with local government units, private institutions, and professional organizations in order to provide mutually beneficial support system.