College of Mass Communication

cmc Having contributed a significant number of famed practitioners in the print and broadcast media, the College of Mass Communication is close to attaining a premier status in mass communication in the country.


In pursuit of the University's vision, mission and objectives, we, at the College of Mass Communication, envision ourselves to be a premier educational institution of mass communication in the Philippines.


Guided by this vision, we commit ourselves:
To be an excellent institution for mass communication education in the country.


Believing in our mission, we earnestly seek:
  1. To nurture a culture of excellence as the standard for education, training and practice of professionals in the filed of mass communciation;
  2. To produce professionals in the field of mass communication who will consistently uphold ethical standards and practices both in the academic and professional fields of expertise;
  3. To maximize the use of research and practice for the development and improvement of innovative instruction and continuing enrichment of the curriculum.